On May 13th 2017 Luke and Owain took to the airwaves to bring you our first, hopefully annual, Eurovision Song Contest Party! The party was a 6 hour interactive show with Sheila and Haydn providing “hospital bubbly” (non-alcoholic of course) to the staff, patients and visitors to the Princess of Wales.

Great fun was had by all with Portugal finally being crowned the winners. We look forward to bringing the show back again next year!


Tracy Walker · 21st October 2017 at 7:04 pm

I can’t find any links about the “backroom boys” on this site.. the trustees and fund raisers who work hard in the background to keep all this going…maybe not as glamourous a role…but equally important . I’d like to know more about this side of things and these brilliant people.

bhradmin · 21st October 2017 at 8:29 pm

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your comment. You can find the full team on the home page of our website. Our website was refreshed yesterday (20/10/17) to include news stories and so we are currently in the process of adding our news stories to the website. As we are all volunteers and this is a lengthly process it is taking a while to do but we are trying to get them done as soon as possible. As most of the work done by the Trustees is funding related we can rarely share any news regarding this until we hear of the outcome. With any luck we should have more news regarding this in the not to distant future. As the website is still in development and is currently only displaying limited information, we should have a lot more information here in the upcoming months.

Thanks again for your comment, and keep an eye on the site in upcoming months for more information about the team and the work we do.


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